A department under the Ministry of Transport & Local Government and is responsible for reporting and recording the weather and climate for The Bahamas.

The main objective of the Department of Meteorology is to predict, record and report the best information possible on the atmospheric conditions over and around The Bahamas to both our citizens and visitors. This is important for persons to make well informed decisions that would affect their safety in travel, transport and work.

The main highlight of The Bahamas’ Department of Meteorology is Climatological Meteorology with a focus on Aviation Meteorology. We also incorporate Broadcast and Forecast Meteorology presenting our data to the general public to facilitate everyday life. The Department is set to incorporate more of Maritime Meteorology and Agricultural Meteorology; to better assist our fishermen, sailors and farmers in their everyday and long term careers and investments. 

Mission Statement

The mission of The Bahamas Department of Meteorology is to provide high quality meteorological and climatological information on a timely basis, to be used by special interest agencies and the public at large for research, education and the protection of life and property.

Quality Policy Statement

The Bahamas Department of Meteorology is fully committed to providing the most accurate and timely aeronautical meteorology products and service under present technology to fully meet the needs of its customers.


We are further committed to improving these products and services through our Quality Management System (QMS) which shall:

  • Adhere to defined regulations that meet the needs and requirements of stake holders through verification of product.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment and training of personnel.
  • Upgrade/update products and services to conform to changes in requirements and technology.